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Automatic Submission Saves Paper, Shipping Costs

FraudMit Announces New Web-based Submission Process

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla.-- (May 27, 2008) Fraudmit, LLC., today announced a dramatic and beneficial advance in services. The company has instituted a new and innovative web based solution that allows clients to electronically upload and submit files for review using a secure FTP protocol. In addition to traditional methods of submitting loans, clients can now submit loans directly from their imaging system to Fraudmit, scan the files and upload them or fax documents directly into Fraudmitís imaging system. All files, regardless of the method of submission, will be securely stored on the internet. This will allow clients to view loan documents including loan level audit reports and reverification information 24/7 for up to 3 years. Both features are being introduced at no additional cost to Fraudmit customers. "We are excited about these new features", said Ralph LoVuolo, Jr. founder of Fraudmit, "eliminating the need to copy and ship files is a huge savings for our clients."

SOURCE: Fraudmit, LLC.

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